Lovelace World is pleased to announce its partnership with Seascape, a gaming platform built on DeFi and NFT technology.

Lovelace's DeFi-enabled NFT ecosystem is the perfect place for projects like Seascape to continue to broaden the reach of the play-to-earn metaverse. This partnership will raise the bar for NFT interoperability as it will eventually span the Cardano, Ethereum-compatible, and Moonbeam blockchains.

Lovelace and Seascape will work together to develop NFT project partnerships and co-promote projects launching on both ecosystems. Our shared vision of the integration of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming will facilitate the creation of cross-over capable NFTs. Seascape's and Lovelace's communities will enjoy preferred access to a stream of NFTs that can be used in games and metaverses across both platforms.

David Johansson, the CEO and Co-Founder of Seascape Network commented:

"2021 has been the year of play to earn, and as new gaming integrations for NFT and DeFi use cases pop up, quality has become more important than ever. This partnership between Lovelace and Seascape will allow us to explore the many opportunities GameFi presents in the burgeoning Cardano ecosystem. By sharing strength and resources, we will be able to enhance the quality of our games and offer more earning opportunities to both our communities!"

About Seascape

Seascape Network is a gaming platform based around DeFi and NFT economies. By turning the core concepts of DeFi into easy-to-access games, Seascape lowers the bar of complexity linked with DeFi and crypto more generally. With a focus on excellent quality and proper incentives to both players and developers, Seascape is changing the way the world thinks about gaming. Available on Ethereum, BSC, and Moonriver chains.

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About Lovelace World

Lovelace empowers creators to realize the potential of the Metaverse through its NFT marketplace, Play-to-Earn gaming engines, smart contracts, launchpad, and partner integrations. Our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit helps creators breathe life into their NFTs, games, digital economies, and worlds across Cardano and other blockchains.

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